Adults Regret Their College Education Decisions


What’s the big news here? Seems almost everyone regrets one thing or another about their life, their job, and the choices they made regarding their education. A Harris Interactive survey determined 45% of Americans like their jobs but 33% feel they are at a dead end in their career and 21% are eager to change jobs. Other surveys – Googled just now by me – show that people everywhere are unhappy with their jobs, including 55% in the U.K., 50% in Canada and a whopping 50% in the USA. So…none of these regrets or unhappiness with a job or career path is a surprise. Maybe this will help.

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An active investor and strategist in the business of higher education, Jay is also a visionary developer of real estate. His “Virtual Adjacency” concept predated the rise of smart devices and foretold the interconnectivity we all enjoy today.

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After retiring as president of the University of Indianapolis in 2005, his second post as president of a college, Jerry was temporary president of Lambuth University. He continues to provide strategy consulting services to a number of colleges and universities. He wrote The 75 Biggest Myths about College Admissions (Sourcebooks, 2008) debunking many of the misconceptions students and their families hold about selecting and entering college.

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