Good News vs Bad News: College and Professional Schools are Foaming at the Mouth to Get Recent Veterans Enrolled

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Welcome home. You’ve cycled out of the armed forces. You’ve been trained to do some extraordinary things. Whether you served two years or twenty, the time has come to look forward and make a bunch of new decisions.

Here’s the most asked:  What do I want to do with the rest of my life?

Here’s the answer (and I know it’s answering a question with a question): What do you want to do?

Today, colleges, universities, professional and certification programs are all looking for veterans. They know what you can do when you are committed. And nothing takes more commitment than going back to school, as an adult, after a tour or two in active duty.

You also have the added benefits of the GI Bill…America’s giant ‘thank you’ for putting the country before yourself. One of the most valuable benefit is in higher education. The US Government will help you get where you want to go if it includes learning – learn a trade, advance in a career, certify that you are, indeed, an expert.

America’s colleges, universities, professional and certification programs typically work together with the government to get you the additional financial aid necessary to move forward. The schools love it because they know the bills will be paid. Banks and other lenders love it because they don’t have to worry about you over-burdening yourself with expensive loans that seemingly take forever to pay-off. And you should love it, because you get the break you need and deserve.

Two notes: 1) make sure the school is in compliance with the government…you can find that out by asking (they have to tell you the truth), or by searching the internet for the phrase [school name] military benefits compliance; and, 2) make sure that the schools you are looking at and for, are prepared to roll out the red carpet for you.

We encourage all Veterans who are even thinking about going to college or entering professional/certification programs to use the web platform. And make sure, as you build your profile you select your military connection – you, your spouse or a dependent family member – and tell all the schools on the other side of the platform that you will need scholarships, aid, grants and anything else that will help you get from A to Z.

So, as we approach Veteran’s Day, we want to salute you. Thank for your service. Now, let us help you.

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